The Star Kids

Joseph- He loves math and is a bit of a perfectionist. He will spend hours on a math problem to make sure he understands it.

Joseph (far right) with several of his orphanage brothers
Joseph (second from right) is an accomplished drummer at New Life

Abraham- "father Abraham" - He was the first child at New Life. He wants to be a scientist, and has a brillant mind and remembers everything. He is the father of the orphanage. Everyone loves Abraham. Abraham's wish: "I will wish to become an astronaut because I can be the first Ghanaian in space."

Abraham studying hard
Practicing needle work-- a useful skill so he can do his own mending

Michael- He is the one to make everyone laugh. He has a great personality and has a love for life. As the eldest in a family with no father, he acts as a father figure to his brother Amos, also at New Life, as well as the other children. Michael's wish: "I'd wish for plaster [bandaids], because when people get sick I can pray so that person gets well. I would wish for money because I can help people who are poor. After that, I would wish for love because when people do a bad thing I forgive them. Then I would wish for a mind because I can use my mind to help people when they are in big trouble."
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Michael on the left with two other kids at New Life
Michael (left) playing games with his friends

Daniel- "Dr Daniel"- He wants to be a doctor. At New Life, he is in charge of the medical supplies and he takes care of everyone's wounds. He left his village so he could come to New Life to get a better education.


Daniel is a member of New Life's traditional dance team

Grace- Her name says it all. She is full of grace and she is the mother of the orphanage. She takes care of the younger kids and makes sure they are fed and held. Grace's wish: "I wish for work because I want to help my country. I'd wish for work at a hospital because I want to help other people."

Grace (center, in striped shirt) with her orphanage sisters
Grace helping make dinner